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 ===== Faculty Talk (ESE) ===== ===== Faculty Talk (ESE) =====
-==== Title: TBD ====+==== Title: On-Chip ESD Devices and Circuits: Essentials and Research Opportunities ====
 === Speaker: Mayank Shrivastava === === Speaker: Mayank Shrivastava ===
-**Abstract:** TBD+**Abstract:** 
-**Brief Bio:** TBD+ESD is a serious reliability threat to semiconductor chips, 
 +however chip technology, process, device and circuit co-design 
 +requirements for ESD protection is often not known to researchers 
 +exploring device, materials, process and design options for future 
 +nanoelectronic products. This talk will provide an introduction to the 
 +essential concepts of on-chip ESD protection devices and circuits. 
 +Moreover, research options for researchers in the area of materials, 
 +nanoelectronic devices, circuits and compact modelling will be 
 +highlighted. Finally, an outlook on the ESD device research in the 
 +advanced CMOS technologies will be given. 
 +**Brief Bio:** 
 +Prof. Mayank Shrivastava has a wide experience and interest 
 +in the field of Nanoscale device design and modelling, ESD devices and 
 +circuits, device-circuit co-design, drain extended MOS devices and 
 +electrothermal modelling. He has taken several positions within the 
 +semiconductor industry. During 2008 and again in 2010, he was a 
 +Visiting Scholar at Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, Germany. During 
 +2010-2011, he worked for Infineon Technologies, East Fishkill, NY, USA 
 +and later Intel, Mobile & Communications Group, Hopewell Junction, NY, 
 +USA. From Oct. 2011 till Aug. 2013 he was with Intel, Mobile & 
 +Communications Group, Munich Germany. Since September 2013 he is with 
 +DESE at IISc Bangalore. 
 +Prof. Shrivastava has over 35 publications in international 
 +journals/conferences and has 18 United States patents issued or 
 +pending in his field of interest. He was a recipient of the India TR35 
 +award for the year 2010 (Young Innovator Award from MIT Technology 
 +Review 35); 2008 Best Research Paper Award in circuit design category 
 +from Intel Corporation Asia Academic Forum; the 2010 Industrial Impact 
 +Award from IIT Bombay; the biography publication by the International 
 +Biographical Centre, Cambridge, U.K., in the 2000 Outstanding 
 +Intellectuals of the 21st Century in 2010; the Excellence in Thesis 
 +work for his Ph.D. thesis from IIT Bombay and Infineon PhD fellowship 
 +for 3 years.
 ===== Faculty Talk (EE) ===== ===== Faculty Talk (EE) =====

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