EECS 2015 Symposium

Session 3: Networks and Games (7 Talks)

  • Kundan Kandhway (Ph.D, ESE): Compaigning in Heterogeneous Social Networks: Optimal Control of Sl Information epidemics
  • Arun Rajkumar (Ph.D, CSA): Ranking from Pairwise Preferences: The role of the Pairwise Preference Matrix
  • Shweta Jain (Ph.D, CSA): Multi-armed Bandit Mechanism for Crowdsourcing
  • Satyanath Bhat (Ph.D, CSA): Mechanism Design in Interdependent Value Setting for Strategic Expert Sourcing
  • Chandrashekar L. (Ph.D, CSA): Approximate dynamic Programming
  • Swapnil Dhamal (Ph.D, CSA): Models and Methods for formation and Analysis of Social Networks
  • Pankaj Dayama (Ph.D, CSA): Truthful Crowdsourcing Mechanisms with Application to Geo-Sensing

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