EECS 2015 Symposium

Session 5: Communications (8 Talks)

  • Arkaprovo Das (Ph.D, ECE): Fast Solvers for Electromagnetic Applications
  • Sanjeev G (Ph.D, ECE): Spectrum Sensing Techniques for cognitive Radio Applications
  • Siddhartha Sarma (Ph.D, ESE): Optimal Power Allocation for Protective Jamming in wireless Networks: A flow based model
  • Vikas Kumar Dewangan (Ph.D, ECE): Role of Power-Control in Enhancing the Performance of Opportunistic Selection Schemes
  • Parthajit Mohapatra (Ph.D, ECE): Fundamental Limits of Communication in Interference Limited Environments
  • Arpan Chattopadhyay (Ph.D, ECE): Impromptu Deployment of wireless Sensor Networks
  • Shilpa Rao (Ph.D, ECE): Trade-offs and Performance analysis of energy Harvesting wireless Sensor Networks
  • Venugopalakrishna Y. R. (Ph.D, ECE): Physical Layer Data Fusion algorithms for Cognitive Radio applications

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