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 +======The Fifth Electrical Sciences Symposium======
 +===The symposium has successfully concluded.===
 +**[[:bpresenters14|Best Presentation Winners of the Fifth Electrical Sciences Symposium]]**
 +=====Call For Abstracts=====
 +The Division of Electrical Sciences along with Supercomputer Education and Research Centre ([[http://www.serc.iisc.ernet.in/|SERC]]) is happy to announce its //Fifth Electrical Sciences Symposium// on **20 - 21 February, 2014**.  The goals of the symposium are to provide a forum for senior research students to present their work, networking among students/faculty and with potential recruiters, and creating an environment conducive to research collaboration within the Division.
 +The symposium will feature student presentations and will be held in the Faculty Hall at I.I.Sc. **Final year Ph.D. / M.Sc.(Engg.) students** (i.e., students expecting to finish their Ph.D. / M.Sc.(Engg.) in the calendar year 2014) of departments [[http://www.csa.iisc.ernet.in/|CSA]], [[http://www.ece.iisc.ernet.in/|ECE]], [[http://www.ee.iisc.ernet.in/|EE]], [[http://www.dese.iisc.ernet.in/ese/|ESE]], and [[http://www.serc.iisc.ernet.in/|SERC]] are eligible to present their research at a high-level, in about 20 minutes. \\
 +**IMPORTANT NOTE:** Students are requested to keep 
 +the audience (students and faculty from the Electrical Sciences Division) in mind and pitch their presentation at an appropriate level, 
 +and manage their time well so as to finish the presentation comfortably within the scheduled interval. A set of interesting guidelines on - How to give a technical talk to a broad technical audience is available {{:giving_talks.pdf| here}}. (Courtesy: [[http://quoll.uwaterloo.ca/|Chris Godsil]])
 +=====Submission Guidelines=====
 + **<del> To submit an abstract (no more than 250 words),[[| click here.]]** **Also, please fill in this [[|form]] when you submit your abstract.</del>** (**Submission Closed!**)
 +**<del> Deadline for submission of Abstracts: December 20th, 2013. </del>** \\
 +**NOTE:** To submit only the abstract (without the slides), please check the "abstract only" check-box present next to the upload paper field. You can submit the slides as per the slide submission deadlines. See [[:ImportantDates14|here]] for the relevant deadlines. \\
 +=====For authors of submitted abstracts====
 +**1.**  Deadline for submission of slides: **January 10, 2014. ** \\
 +Submit your slides for a 20 min presentation in the same easychair account using [[https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=esdsiisc2014| this link]].\\
 +**NOTE:** Only those who have submitted the abstract can upload the slides. '' **We are not accepting any new submissions**.'' \\
 +**2.** The reviews on the slides would be available by **January 20, 2014.**\\
 +**3.** Deadline for submission of final slides: ** February 1, 2014.** \\
 +=====What is new this time?=====
 +**Final year M.Sc.(Engg.) students** are eligible to present their research work.\\
 +<box 30% square red|**Event Details:**>\\
 +**Date  :** 20 - 21 February, 2014\\
 +**Venue :** Faculty Hall, Indian Institute of Science.
 +:!:**The Symposium Proceedings are now available, click {{:proc_esds2014.pdf | here}}.:!:**\\
 +For important dates, click [[:ImportantDates14|here]].\\
 +For the Symposium Program, click [[:Program14|here]].\\
 +For the organising committee, click [[:Organising Committee14|here]].\\
 +:!:**For the poster, click [[:FifthPoster|here]].:!:**\\
 +For contact information, click [[:ContactChair14|here]].\\

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