EECS 2015 Symposium

Welcome to the Sixth Joint Research Students Symposium of the Departments of CSA, ECE, EE, ESE, and SERC at the Indian Institute of Science!

EECS-2015 primarily is a forum for presentations by senior doctoral students (expecting to graduate in 2015) involving the Departments of Computer Science and Automation (CSA), Electrical Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical Engineering (EE), Electronic Systems Engineering (ESE), and Supercomputer Education and research Centre (SERC). This year's edition will comprise 30 presentations by doctoral students organized into five sessions:

  • Electronics
  • Algorithms and Applications
  • Networks and Games
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision
  • Communications

Highlights of EECS Symposium - 2015 include keynote talks, invited talks by inter-disciplinary centres in IISc, invited talks by faculty members of the five departments, poster presentations, and an Alumni Event. The symposium offers a splendid platform for exchange of state-of-the-art research ideas and for networking among students, faculty, industry researchers, and alumni.

Call For Abstracts

Final year Ph.D. / M.Sc.(Engg.) students (i.e., students expecting to finish their Ph.D. / M.Sc.(Engg.) in the calendar year 2015) of departments CSA, ECE, EE, ESE, and SERC are eligible to present their research at a high-level, in about 20 minutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students are requested to keep the audience (students and faculty from the Electrical Sciences Division) in mind and pitch their presentation at an appropriate level, and manage their time well so as to finish the presentation comfortably within the scheduled interval. A set of interesting guidelines on - How to give a technical talk to a broad technical audience is available here. (Courtesy: Chris Godsil)

Submission Guidelines

To submit an abstract (no more than 250 words),use Easy Chair conference management system. Deadline for submission of Abstracts: January 16th, 2015.
NOTES: * To submit only the abstract (without the slides), please check the “abstract only” check-box present next to the upload paper field. You can submit the slides as per the slide submission deadlines. See EECS 2015 Deadlines for the relevant deadlines. * The abstract must be submitted with the approval of the concerned supervisor. To ensure the same, students must include their supervisor as the last author of their abstracts.

The abstract submission deadline is over and the authors of the selected abstracts have been notified.

For authors of submitted abstracts

1. The decisions on oral and poster sessions will be sent out by January 23rd, 2015

2. Deadline for submission of slides: January 30th, 2015.

3. The reviews on the slides would be available by February 2nd, 2015.

4. Deadline for submission of final slides: February 6th, 2015.

Ancillary Events

There will be Faculty presentations from each participating department.

Industry talks and Alumni event are also included in the Symposium.

Event Details:>
Date : 12 - 13 February, 2015
Venue : Faculty Hall, Indian Institute of Science.

:!:The Symposium Proceedings will be available after conclusion here. :!:
For Important Dates, see EECS 2015 Deadlines.
For the Symposium Program, see EECS 2015 Programs.
For the Organising Committee, see EECS 2015 Organising Committee.
:!:For the Poster, see EECS 2015 Poster.:!:
For Contact Information, see EECS 2015 Chairman.

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