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 +======The Second Electrical Sciences Divisional Symposium======
 +=====Call For Abstracts=====
 +The Division of Electrical Sciences is hosting its //Second Divisional Symposium// on **Jan 21-22, 2011**.  The goals of the symposium are to provide a forum for senior research students to present their work, networking among students/faculty and with potential recruiters, and creating an environment conducive to research collaboration within the Division.
 +The symposium will feature student presentations and will be held in the Faculty Hall at I.I.Sc. Final year PhD students (i.e., students expecting to finish their PhD in the calendar year 2011) are eligible to present their research at a high-level, in about 20 minutes. 
 +** Abstract submission deadline has passed. **\\
 +<box 60% square green|**Event Details**>
 +**Date  :** January 21-22, 2011 \\
 +**Venue :** Faculty Hall, Indian Institute of Science
 +**IMPORTANT NOTE:** Students are requested to keep 
 +the audience (students and faculty from the Electrical Sciences Division) in mind and pitch their presentation at an appropriate level, 
 +and manage their time well so as to finish the presentation comfortably within the scheduled interval.
 +For the Symposium Program, click [[secondprogram|here]].\\
 +For the organising committee, click [[secondcommittee|here]].\\
 +For the poster, click [[secondposter|here]].\\
 +For contact information, click [[venu@ee.iisc.ernet.in|here]].\\

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