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25 September: Visited Prof Lajos Hanzo’s group and delivered a talk on Wireless Channel Modelling for Drone-Ground links at the University of Southampton, UK

26 September-6 Oct 2018: Visiting University of Cambridge, UK

1 September 2018:  Editor-in-Chief (Electrical Sciences), Sadhana – Proceedings of Indian Academy of Sciences (Engineering Sciences) published by Springer


TEACHING THIS SEMESTER: Adaptive Signal Processing (3:0),  Mon-Wed-Fri 0830-1000  and Thu 0815-0915. Room: ECE 1.08

The course covers topics related to Estimation theory, Recursive algorithms like LMS, RLS, Kalman Fitlers,  Lattice Filters among other topics.

Assignments based on practical problems will be dealt with.

Ref: Ali Sayed, “Adaptive Filters,  IEEE Press and John Wiley, 2008

Recent thrust areas of interest

5G Wireless Communication

Autonomous Navigation Systems using AI and Machine Learning

Sparse Signal Processing Greedy Pursuit Algorithms, Fast k-space sampling for MRI Neuroscience Study of visual system in the human brain
Road Traffic Simulator Unreal Game Environment Indoor Positioning Inertial Systems
Radar Signal Processing Through-Wall Radar Artificial Pancreas Embedded system development for Type-1 Diabetics
Wireless Communication
5G Systems, Drone-to Ground Channel modelling and Communication link
Autonomous Navigation
Multi-Sensor based scene analysis
Assistive Technologies for the Elderly
Easychair – to help elderly getup from a chair, Smart walking stick with geofencing

Here is a Poster summarizing the activities of the lab

Talks Title: Signals Everywhere Click here for the video Title: Realizing the Power of MIMO Signal Processing. Click here for the video Title: Where am I? An experiment in Indoor Positioning. Click here for the video Newspaper interview on Science, in Navbharat Times (Hindi) pageviews since 17 Dec 2008 at&t uverse