Dr. Neelesh B. Mehta

ECE Dept., Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

Will feature ridiculous stuff that I came across, .e.g, insane fine print, silly strikes, positively shoddy service, distressing negligence, etc.


Canara Bank @ IISc:

To transfer my bank account from another Canara Bank branch to the IISc branch:

 Total time taken: 4 months

 Number of letters: 2

 Number of trips to bank: 5

 Number of additional trips to get the original passbook back: 3

To get user id and password to view account transactions online:

 Total time taken: 4 months

 Reason given: Task outsourced to another company!

To get a debit card and pin

 Total time taken: 2 months

 Total number of trips: 6

To get an international credit card (e.g., to pay IEEE membership dues):

 Number of trips to bank: 3

 Number of phone calls to central office to enquire about the application form: 2

 End result: Cardless! (Bank manager refuses to even give the application form.)

 Reason given: Too young for the card! A professor at IISc doesn't need such facilities!

 Advice given: Get instituteís approval and carry foreign exchange before embarking on foreign travel. Donít expect bank to provide all facilities at such an early age.

 Update: Spoke with the banks nearby. Got an international credit card within a month!


Childrenís Play Equipment at IISc

 Dismantled in late 2007

 Current state: Lying unused and rusting near new faculty club.

Ridiculous Stuff