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Wireless Systems Lab

About us

These are exciting times in the field of wireless research. Wireless communications now affects all our lives in multiple ways, the common examples being cellular phones, wireless local area networks, back haul microwave links, etc. Wireless technology is expanding at a rapid pace, and is now finding several more applications such as in wireless sensor networks, factory automation, vehicular communication, personal area networks, body area networks, etc.

The current research work in the lab focuses on performance analysis and design of next generation cellular mobile radio systems such as LTE, wireless system and protocol design for energy harvesting wireless sensor networks, cognitive radio, cooperative communications, multiple antenna systems, and interference modeling.

Recent News
  • Saikiran P's paper on "Energy-Efficient Detection Using Ordered Transmissions in Energy Harvesting WSNs" has been accepted in IEEE ICC, 2018
  • Vineeth's paper on "Modeling and Performance Analysis of Differential CQI Feedback in OFDM Cellular Systems" has been accepted in IEEE ICC, 2018
  • Prof. Neelesh B. Mehta has received the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award, 2017
  • Saikiran's paper on "Rate Adaptation, Scheduling, and Mode Selection in D2D Systems with Partial Channel Knowledge" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. on Wireless Commun., 2017
  • Reneeta's paper on "A Correlation-aware Splitting Algorithm for Opportunistic Selection" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. on Commun., 2017

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