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E2 213
Information Theory and Coding for Non-Standard Channel Models

January-April 2012

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Navin Kashyap
Office: SP 2.17

Mondays & Wednesdays, 11:30am to 1pm
Location: ECE 1.08

Homework Assignments
Homework assignments consist primarily of exercises given during lectures. These may sometimes be supplemented with additional problems that will be made available through this website.

There will be no midterm exams. Status of final exam is yet to be determined. Watch this space.

The course grade will be based on the following: 10% for class attendance, 40% weightage assigned to the assignments, and 50% for either a final presentation or a final exam (to be determined).

Course Outline
The course intends to cover the following topics: finite-state channels, channels with synchronization errors (in particular, the insertion/deletion channel), input-constrained channels and associated constrained coding techniques.


A lot of the material covered in class will be drawn from papers from the literature:

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