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1 .Coding for Communication Networks

 Sponsored by                      DRDO-IISc Program on Advanced research in Mathematical Engineering
 Investigator                          P.Vijay Kumar
 Duration of the Project         Sep 2006 - March 2009   

2. Wireless Sensor Networks : A Proposal for Research and Demonstration

   Sponsored by                      DRDO  
   Principal Investigator           Anurag Kumar
   Co-Investigator                    P.Vijay Kumar
   Duration of the Project         Sep 2006 - Sep 2009
   Project Assistants                Poornima.V.L,  Anurag Ranjan, Sharath Kumar.A.G.  

3. A Motorola University Partnership in Research Proposal

   Sponsored by                         DRDO  
   Students Supported:               Deepak Sharma (Year 1) Sreeram Kannan (Year 2)
   Faculty Participants:                P.Vijay Kumar/Prof.Anurag Kumar
   Duration of the Project            Sep 2006  - Sep 2008

4. Advice on low-power IC solutions for high-speed RF applications

 Sponsored by                       Scintera Semiconductor, India  (Indian subsidiary of Scintera Networks, Sunnyvale)
  Consultant                           P.Vijay Kumar
  Duration of the Project         June 2006 - June 2007

5. Study and Design of a High Data Rate Secure Link for Airborne Applications

   Sponsored by                          Flight Instrumentation and Microelectronics,  RCI
   Consultants                              P.Vijay Kumar / A. Chockalingam
   Project Assistants                    Nandita Lavanis, Vinay Gangadhar
   Duration of the Project             May 2004 - Jan 2006

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